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We live in a new Golden Era for Comic Books. Perhaps we should just call the Platinum Era! Why is this a New Era? Well, becauase for the first time in a long time Movie Studios and Television Networks are taking Comic Book Properties and actually doing a good job of bringing them to our Televisions and Movie Screens. This has lead to a proliferation of news, fansites, blogs, videos that discuss the comings and goings of all of these projects!

Super Heroic is a Podcast DEDICATED to Comic Books that evolve into Television Shows and Movies! We cover all aspects of these shows from reviews, trailers, news… we also tell you how that movie you loved was adapted from the Comic Book and what changed. Also from time to time we NERD out and debate ideas and topics as old as Stan Lee himself! Oh, and we also tell you what we picked up at our local comic book shop!

The show is hosted by Mick Montgomery, and each week he is joined by different co-hosts who bring opinion and insight to the table in wonderful and fun ways. The Show is also produced by Spazbot Studios, which produces a ton of other Podcasts, which you should probably go check out!